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sun, sandworm, dune inspired, drawing, blackwork, pointillism


When I was in college attempting (and mostly scrambling, flailing) to study art for my A levels, I bought into a very idealistic and romantic message that art always has to come from the heart, and that audiences can tell when it doesn’t. And it’s strange how many people still believe this to be the …

cbt, therapy, mental health, art therapy

A Guide to CBT (from someone who’s done it)

So I’ve been working on a little 16 page zine, and decided, because why the hell not, to get it printed! If you’ve ever wanted to know how to approach cognitive behavioural therapy, then look no further than this zine. Full of tips, tricks, and advice, with the odd colouring in page thrown in for …

black and white comic, cover of We're Okay by rochelle asquith


So, earlier this year, I received funding from a Wakefield based charity called Unlimited to create a comic book. Since then, I’ve been drawing and writing, re-drafting, left clicking, right clicking – you know, writing a comic book. Thus, I have, after much sweat and many tears, eventually come up with a comic called We’re …