black and white comic, cover of We're Okay by rochelle asquith


So, earlier this year, I received funding from a Wakefield based charity called Unlimited to create a comic book. Since then, I’ve been drawing and writing, re-drafting, left clicking, right clicking – you know, writing a comic book. Thus, I have, after much sweat and many tears, eventually come up with a comic called We’re Okay. It’s about friendship, spaghetti, and terror. I wrote it for my younger self, but I also wrote it for you. It’s available on Amazon in ebook format and it is only £3. I don’t really know how to convince people to read my work, because really, it’s okay if you don’t. We’re okay, in fact. Please read it if you can. Okay, I love you.


read we’re okay here

Read We’re Okay Here

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